Do you offer therapy in-person?

Tea for the Soul is an online only practice.

What services do you offer?

Tea for the Soul offers individual therapy to adults 18 and over.

Does Tea for the Soul take insurance?

Yes, we are currently able to accept Aetna. You can also use your out of network benefits if you have another insurance. If you need to utilize your out of network benefits, we can assist with filing claims to your insurance. Please note that using in network or out of network benefits will require a diagnosis.

How much are sessions?

The fee per 45-53 minute session is $205

How long do you stay in therapy?

How long someone stays in therapy depends on how quickly one feels better as well as how committed they are putting what they learn in therapy into practice outside of therapy

How frequently do you attend therapy?

You would start by attending therapy weekly. As you start to feel better and accomplish your goals, you would drop to biweekly and then monthly until you don’t feel like you need therapy anymore.